The Chittlehamholt Community Village Shop opened on  July 22nd 2013. 
It is run as an Industrial and Provident Society which means that any profits have to be used for the benefit of the Community either by re-investing in the business or supporting ventures which promote community. Anyone can become a member of the Society by purchase of a one-off £5 share.

The shop is run entirely by volunteers. Overall management is by an annually elected committee of up to eight members. 

The day-to-day operation of the shop is in the hands of volunteers.
We are members of the Plunkett Community Shop Network, which provides a range of services to shops such as ourselves as well as a vehicle for exchange of information.

Along with most Community Shops we aim to support local produce and producers.
If you are environmentally conscious, this means lower food miles but for many this means fresher goods and providing an outlet for small local producers.

Until 2009 the Village had a Post Office and Shop, which was closed under the national rationalisation programme. An ad-hoc committee was formed with the task of providing replacement facilities. Their challenge was to find a site, design a building and find the funds from scratch.

Early studies revealed that the location for a shop should be on land adjacent to the Village Hall and owned by the Village Hall Trustees. Lengthy discussion with the Trustees and the Planning Authority finally resulted in the location and building that is there today. The building is of timber-framed construction to a high environmental specification designed and constructed locally.

The funds for the project eventually came from a variety of sources. The community raised about £11,000. The Plunkett Foundation provided £20,000 through the CORE fund, the National Lottery (Village SOS) granted £25,600 and the Trusthouse Charitable Trust £9,500. The Viscount Amory Trust and Norman Family Trust also gave grants. All of this was achieved against a background of austerity cutbacks, which saw potential sources of government funding withdrawn.

Since construction got underway, many villagers gave their time and skills in a variety of ways thus reducing the costs. The value of their willingness and generosity is impossible to calculate. 
Consideration of various models showed that in the early years the shop must operate on an entirely voluntary basis. The response to the call for volunteers was tremendous and the initial plan for a six-morning operation was extended to today’s business hours. (<<< see side bar to the left for opening hours)

The 'Drop In For A Coffee' and Chat 'area'

The Chittlehamholt Village Shop Association Ltd 

Registration No 30702R
Registered Office 
Higher Ditchaton Water
Devon EX37 9HB


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