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photo: Kathy Blee
Photo: Simon Murgatroyd
Photo: Kathy Blee 

photo Tony Smith
photo Tony Smith
Photo Tony Smith
(Helen Hollick's Brother-in-law)

Photo Kathy Blee
photo Tony Smith
Tarr Steps
(Tony Smith)
(Tony Smith)
(Kathy Blee)

Clapper Bridge
(Tony Smith)


  1. Anonymous12 July, 2016

    Just discovered this website. I am stunned at the quality and variety of items and photos you have achieved. Few small villages anywhere in my experience manage this standard of excellence. Very well done. Me? My name is Grenville Buckingham - born in Chittlehampton, living now in Stourbridge, West Midlands but with many relatives in North Devon including C'holt eg the Congram's are my cousins although now scattered. My mother was a Pester; born in Fir Cottage where she lived with her father, John, and mother plus 9 children (ie my mother - Ruth and sisters Ivy, Florence & Olive; plus brothers Bill, Cecil, Aubrey, Vincent & Francis). The latter was tragically killed in the 1914-18 war and is buried in The Somme area. We've visited his grave on 3 occasions - each visit more moving than the last. I came across this website when looking for the date of this year's Flower Show as I and my wife intend to journey down for that event. The date's now in our diary. Incidentally, next door to Fir Cottage (ie across the drangway) in my day Mr Pearce kept the village shop with his wife and 2 sons, Derek and Geof(?). Derek became an electrician working from a base in South Molton. I'll now research my mother's photos from the early nineteen hundreds and which may be of interest. Well done everyone who's had a hand in creating this webpage. Excellent.

    1. Thank you Grenville for the lovely complement about the blog, although I must confess I run several blogs so I have had a bit of practice! Originally I wanted to 'do my bit' for the village by helping in the shop but vision impairment made that difficult for me, I can, however use the computer so I volunteered to open and run this blog.
      Do come and say hello at the Flower Show - I'll be there for the afternoon presentation - I'm easy to spot as I'm the one with a white stick and wearing a hat! (Probably the same hat as in my image posted here!)
      I was reading about the tragic loss of young men from the Parish the other day. So sad.
      I live with my husband, daughter & son-in-law just outside the village along one of the side lanes and often see Frank Congram when he comes to check his sheep.
      Thank you again for visiting this blog and leaving such a delightful comment!

    2. Grenville, that was very interesting to learn of some of the connections of families from the village. Do you know if Wallace Pester was connected to the Pester family, he did once say he was born in the village. When I first met him he had recently moved from The School House I believe into the house opposite, at that time called Coxhaven, somewhat later still I believe he moved again into Fir Cottage. So this is why I ask as it seems possible a circle was completed.

  2. gbuck@btopenworld.com24 July, 2016

    Just correcting an error in my comment, Mr Pearce's second son was Gerald Pearce. Also I omitted Gladys from the list of John & Elizabeth Pester's children; she married a Webber and went to live in Morchard Bishop, where currently her 3 sons live, 2 of whom ran The Forge business until retiring quite recently. Gladys was over 90 when she died some years ago. I'm compiling some biographical notes of a few members of the Pester family in the hope that these might show young villagers what can be done from small beginnings.


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