Plunkett Foundation Community 
Co-operative Awards 2015
The People's Choice Award 

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The shortlisted finalists were: :
- Chiddingly Community Shop, Sussex
- Chittlehamholt Community Shop, Devon
- Kingsley Organisation, Hampshire

The Plunkett Foundation are now throwing the voting over to you to choose which enterprise most deserves to win The People’s Choice Award, £500 for their enterprise and public recognition for their hard work. Voting will close on 1st June, and the winner will be announced at the National Networking and Training Event on the 25th June.

Through this award they were looking for exemplary community enterprises to be nominated for making a difference to a vulnerable individual or group of people; it could have been on a one-off occasion or continually. We were specifically looking for enterprises that had have helped people to overcome:

- Social exclusion
- Physical isolation
- Health issues
- Financial hardship

Chiddingly Community Shop, Sussex

“I ride, for physical therapy, twice a week at a Stables in Chiddingly.  On the way back home I ask my helper to take me to the Village Shop.  It’s become a real treat for me, for a variety of reasons.
To begin with, it’s the only shop I’m now able to walk in and around.  For all other shopping I need to be in my wheelchair.  I can get a lovely cup of tea, (in a china cup –it really does make a difference to the taste!) or a decent cup of coffee.  I can recommend the toasted sandwiches; in winter, there is delicious home-made soup.
Although I’m driven over from Eastbourne, and so I can’t really qualify as a ‘local’, I am always made welcome and consider myself a ‘regular’.  Frequent small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness include putting aside the hottest locally-grown chillies because it’s known my partner loves them; letting me pay in instalments for a photographic print; letting me borrow books connected with an exhibition I couldn’t get access to.  All the above, and more, make this my favourite shop.”

Chilttlehamholt Community Shop, Devon

“Since this Community Shop opened, the volunteers have become a close, supportive group, conscious of the needs of the disadvantaged and quick to respond positively.  Typical of this is the case of Tim and Heather.
They arrived in the village at the time the shop was opening.  Heather suffers from MS relying on wheel-chair or motorised mobility scooter.  Tim, her husband, is full-time carer.  Attracted by the friendly atmosphere in the shop, Heather wanted to be part of this, ie a volunteer. 

Thanks to her tenacity, some encouragement and re-organisation she was soon behind the counter, serving.

Recognising her limitations, volunteers rallied to support her and maximise her input.  This included becoming responsible for the Volunteer Rota.  She is always keen to be in the shop and all of this was recognised when she was elected to the Management Committee.
Each Thursday volunteers take Heather to a day-long embroidery and quilting workshop.  This provides Tim with respite and a chance to play golf.  Heather can pursue her hobby.  Other volunteers ensure they have opportunities to socialise.

Heather confides that being appreciated has been a blessing, we notice the difference and importantly, so does her consultant.”

Kingsley Organisation, Hampshire

“The Kingsley Organisation works with people who have physical and learning disabilities, those who find mainstream education challenging and older isolated people within the local community. Group sessions are organised for parent/carers to address social exclusion, to discuss health issues and address financial matters.
Our convenience shop and café are used as a teaching tool for people working towards independent living and meaningful employment.
The shop has recently been refurbished with simpler systems more accessible to a greater number of people. At present we support 15 volunteers operate the till, check stock, fill the shelves and generally interact with the staff and general public, building self-esteem and combatting social exclusion.
Our individually focused service has and continues to help people address and enjoy life in the face of disability, poor health, social exclusion and managing limited budgets.
 A young lady who regularly volunteers at the Centre says Kingsley stops her from sitting isolated at home and eating all the wrong things!! Another who cannot cope with mainstream further education feels comfortable and safe within the Centre and now supports others in the shop, a very senior volunteer says he enjoys feeling valued.”

More About The Chittlehamholt Village Shop

Our Community Shop has become the heart of the village - it is not just a place to grab a pint of milk or bottle of ketchup because you forgot to buy it from the supermarket. Our shop is a place to come for a chat and a coffee, to meet other villagers, to cement that feeling of being part of a community and to share news (and a gossip). It is also the place to go if you want a good laugh!

The produce we sell does not have an enormous range - we are only a small village and therefore a small shop - but we stock most of the essentials, and we specialise in fresh local produce. Rhubarb is selling well at the moment and you have to be quick to get a fresh-made pasty or home-made cake. And as for the home-made marmalade....if you want some for your breakfast toast, grab a jar off the counter quick!

All our helpers are volunteers, Chittlehamholt Community Shop is just that - a sommunity shop  run by the community for the community. As you walk through the door we guarantee a warm welcome - so if you are in the area, please do visit us, or if not, browse our blog... and above all, please :


* * *


On behalf of the North Devon Journal 
we are delighted to inform you 
that you have been nominated & successfully shortlisted 
in the North Devon Community Awards 2015. 
The category you have been shortlisted in is:- Good Neighbour

More details soon!

* * *
the Plunkett Foundation Rural Community 
Co-operative Awards 2017
People's Choice Award

to all who voted for Our Ron...

received 48% of the Vote!
Ron is keen to point out that he feels this vote is for
everyone who helps with the shop
 - behind the counter or behind the scenes. 
He says:
 "This is an award, not for me personally but for our shop 
and our community"
But without Ron's cheery smile and driving enthusiasm
 the shop wouldn't be the success it is today!
Well done to the two runners-up who were also shortlisted. 
Voting has obviously closed, but you'll find details of the three finalists here

Our Ron - being his usual chatty, cheery self!

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