Summer Show 2018

Warkleigh, Satterleigh and Chittlehamholt 
Horticultural Society

the 2014 show
Photographic Topics will be:
Oops!    *   Machinery   *   Laughter
Winter Wonderland Devon Style

Church and/or its surroundings 
* * * 

Flowers, Vegetables, Cakes,
Preserves, Handicrafts
To be held in
The Village Hall, Chittlehamholt
Saturday 28th July 2018
Doors open at 2.00p.m.
Fun Dog Show at 1pm
Followed by
     Presentation of cups and prizes at 4.30p.m.
Prize money available from Hon. Treasurer

From 4.00p.m.

* * *
Hon Treasurer; Mrs H Baker            Hon Secretary; Mrs C Court
Mrs A Thorne    Mrs H Petherick   Mrs M May   Mrs J Taylor 
All prize money will be – 1st - 50p,  2nd - 30p,  3rd - 20p
Unless otherwise stated.
Will exhibitors please give attention to the regulations below


Vegetables and Fruit Challenge Cup For the most points in Classes 1 – 21
Corbould Challenge Cup For the most points in Classes 23 – 33
Flowers Challenge Cup For the most points in Classes 34 – 52
Pester Cup For the most points in classes 53 – 58
Rose Bowl Challenge Trophy For the most points in Classes 59 – 63
James Acty Cup For the most points in Classes 64 – 71
Domestic Challenge Cup For the most points in Classes 72 – 80
The Major Ron Priddle Cup For the most points in classes 81 - 84
Mackenzie Challenge Cup For the most points in Classes 85 – 89
The Tranckle Trophy, (infants 3 to 5 years) For the most points in Classes 90 – 92
Pidler Shield, (juniors 6 to 10 years) For the most points in Classes 93 – 96 
Kingdon Perpetual Cup (seniors 11 to 15 years) For the most points in Classes 97 – 100
The P J Edwards Cup For the most points in Classes 1 – 5 (potatoes)
The Mr and Mrs. Tom Wright Memorial Cup For the most points in Classes 6 – 10
(peas and beans)
The Peter Cole Perpetual Cup For the most points in Classes 11 – 14 (onions)
Ron Kingdom Memorial Trophy For the best exhibit in Class 34 (sweet peas)
Gardening Club Trophy For the best Herb Container, Class 52
Fred Scrivener Memorial Shield For the best exhibit in the Children’s Classes
Lorian Cup                      Girls Sports
Owen Sports Cup            Boys Sports

Vegetables Judge, Mr D Hopkins
1 5 Round Potatoes, White
2 5 Kidney Potatoes, White
3 5 Round Potatoes, Coloured
4 5 Kidney Potatoes, Coloured
5 Dish of 6 Heaviest Potatoes
6 Collection of Potatoes 4 Varieties - 3 Tubers each
7 6 Pods of Peas
8 6 Pods of Peas (Blunt)
9 6 Broad Beans, any variety
10 6 Runner Beans
11 6 Eschalots, any variety
12 6 Onion Sets, Trimmed, any variety
13 3 Onions, grown from seed, any variety
14 4 Carrots, Long
15 4 Carrots, Stump
16 3 Parsnips
17 Heaviest Marrow, any variety
18 3 Beetroot, Globe or Round
19 2 Heads of Cabbage
20 2 Lettuce
21 Any Novelty Vegetable 
Miscellaneous, Judge, Mr D Hopkins
22 6 Sprigs of Parsley
23 3 Sprigs of Fresh Herbs (not Parsley)
24 7 Single fruits of any one variety of soft fruit, with stems
25 4 Sticks of Rhubarb
26 4 Dessert Apples
27 Shelled Peas in a small transparent dish and covered
28 2 Spring Onions
29 2 Decorative Lettuce
30 4 Cherry Tomatoes
31 3 Courgettes
32 1 Cut Flower, 1 Vegetable
33    4 Hens’ Eggs

 Flowers Judge, Mr N. Oliver 
34 10 Sweet Peas, any colour
35 3 Cactus Dahlias
36 4 Pompom type Dahlias
37 3 Dahlias, any other variety
38 1 Gladioli
39 2 Heads of Hydrangea
40 3 Roses       
41 4 Pansies or Violas, Displayed on a board
42 3 Stems of Perennials, 3 kinds
43 4 French Marigold Blooms, Displayed on a board
44 4 Fuchsia Blooms, Single, Displayed on a board
45 4 Fuchsia Blooms, Double, Displayed on a board
46 3 Stems of Annuals, 3 kinds
47 Any Flowering Plant, pot not to exceed 8”
48 1 Pelargonium, pot not to exceed 8”
49 1 Begonia, pot not to exceed 8”
50 1 Foliage Plant, pot not to exceed 8”
51 1 Fuchsia, pot not to exceed 8”
52 A Hanging Basket Display, not to exceed 12” 
Pester Cup, Judge, Mr N Oliver
Exhibitors must reside within the three parishes
53 3 Sprigs of Fresh Herbs
54 A Vase of Flowers, 3 kinds
55 A Fern, pot not to exceed 8”
56 A Specimen Rose
57 Cacti 
58 Any 3 Different Vegetables
Flower Arrangements, Judge, Mrs Martin
59 An Arrangement of Yellow and Orange 18”x18” max
60 An Exhibit of a Book Title 24”x24” max
61 An Arrangement in a teapot
62 A Fascinator in fresh Materials
63 An Arrangement of flowers from your own garden, 12”x 12”
All classes, Height Unlimited. 

Preserves Judge, Mrs Houlford
64 A pot of any Soft Fruit Jam
65 A Pot of any Stoned Fruit Jam
66 A pot of Marmalade, any variety
67 A pot of Pickle or Chutney
68 A small pot of Jelly
69 A small pot of Curd, any Flavour
70 A Shelled hard-boiled hens egg
71 A Jar of Pickled Onions

Cookery Judge, Mrs Heard
72 Brown Bread Rolls
73 4 Chocolate Brownies
74 A Cherry and Almond Cake, recipe supplied
75 A Lemon Drizzle Cake, Baked in a loaf tin
76 4 Fruit Scones
77 A Sausage Roll
78 Peppermint Creams
79 Individual Cornish Pasty
80 4 Muffins, any variety, MEN ONLY
Handicrafts Judge, Mrs Martin
81 Any Hand-knitted or Crocheted Article
82 A Patchwork/Quilted Article
83 A Picture of an Animal, any medium (18”x18”max)
84 Any other piece of Craft, not included above
(class may be split if sufficient entries)
Photographs Judge, Mr D Sewell
85 Oops!
86 Machinery
87 Laughter
88 Winter Wonderland Devon Style
89 Church and/or its Surroundings

All photographs, maximum 8” x 6”, and unframed, please.

Items previously exhibited in this show cannot be entered again

                        Children’s Sections, Judge, Mrs D Linton

Infants, 3 to 5 Years
90 A colouring of a Daisy 
91 A Plasticine/Playdoh Car
92 A Picture Made from Stickers

Juniors, 6 to 10 years inclusive
93 A Painting of a Tree
94 Piece of Jewellery, any medium
95 An Edible Insect
96 A Lego Man

Seniors, 11 to 15 years inclusive
97 A Countryside Scene on a Tray
98 Pencil Drawing A4
99 A Building Made of Fruit and Vegetables
100 View of Devon Life photo, max 8”x6” unframed
In all Children’s classes, age must attached to the entry, and included on the entry form

Cherry and Almond Cake Recipe

8oz Flour ½ Teaspoon Baking Powder
6oz Margarine              6oz Sugar                            
3 Eggs                          2oz Ground Almonds
3oz Glace Cherries A little Vanilla Essence

Sieve the flour and baking powder together. Stir in the ground almonds and the cherries cut into quarters. Cream the margarine and sugar together.  Beat in each egg separately, stir in the dry ingredients, adding a little milk if necessary.  Add a few drops of vanilla essence.  Place in a greased and lined 7” (18cm) tin. 
Bake in a moderate oven for approximately 1.1/4 hours.

A few tips for anyone new to showing.

Entries in all classes should be according to the schedule. 
Vegetables should be free from dust and the tops trimmed, unless otherwise stated.
A specimen rose is one flower only, with no extra buds, and pot sizes are inside top diameter measurements. 
In Floral art, accessories are allowed in exhibits, but not in arrangements.
Preserves should be correctly presented, with no visible trademarks on jars or lids.
All food items should be covered, either with cling film, or a transparent cover.

1. Entry forms are issued by the Hon Secretary, Mrs C Court, Uplands, Chittlehamholt, 01769 540242, and must be received by the Hon Secretary or the Hon Treasurer, Mrs H Baker, Highwinds, Chittlehamholt, 01769 540196, before 9.00pm  on Wednesday 25th July 2018 The entrance fee of 20 pence must accompany each entry. Children’s classes are free.
2. All exhibits must be home grown/home made except for classes 59 -62 inclusive. Handicrafts should not have been exhibited in this show on any previous occasion.
3. The standard of an exhibit must be high enough to warrant the award of a prize; the judge’s decision being final.
4. Exhibitors may enter no more than two exhibits in any one class.
5. Exhibitors must enter on separate entry forms.
6. All vegetables must be washed and free from dust.
7. All preserves to be correctly presented
8. Please double check that your exhibits are entered in the correct classes, as mistakes will not be rectified on the day of the show.
9. Children’s exhibits should have their age on or beside them, but not their name.
10. The Hall will be open from 8.30am. And all exhibits must be on the show bench by 10.30am. Exhibitors are responsible for the proper placing of cards on their exhibits. No exhibits can be removed until after the presentation of the cups. The committee will not be responsible for any damage.
11. Exhibitors must leave the Hall punctually by 10.30am. And the Hall is then closed to all except Judges and Show officials.
12. With effect from July 2006, any exhibitor who wins the same cup for three consecutive years will be presented with a rosette to keep.
13. With effect from July 2010 the exhibitor will be responsible for having their name engraved on any cup that they may win. Please return cups in a clean condition to the Secretary at least two weeks before the show
14   If the variety of an exhibit is known, please can you place the name with your entry. This for the benefit of anyone who is interested, and will not affect the judging in any way.    

At The Village Hall, Chittlehamholt
10 Fun Classes From 1pm

Fastest Sit
Waggiest Tail
             Handsome Dog             
Prettiest Bitch
Golden Oldie (over 7 years)
2 Dogs (don’t need to be from the same house)
Family Dogs (2-8 dogs)
Most like owner
Most Appealing Eyes
Best in Show

Entry Only 50p Per Person Per Class.  Prize For Every Entrant
All Classes Open to all ages; Human and Canine (unless stated)

Followed by
Free Childrens Sports on Launds Field

Come and join us for a fun afternoon, 
Why not enter some of our classes in the main show! 
All Dogs to be Kept on a Lead at ALL times. 
Please Clear up After Your Dog.
Bins and Water will be provided

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available from the Village Shop 
or email Helen HERE
(author at helenhollick dot net)
and she will send you a printable version 
(apologies blogger doesn't support a good version that can be printed)

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Thank you to all who took part in the 2017

congratulations to the winners
and THANK YOU to the organisers!

CLICK HERE for the winners of 2017